VanDerBosch has deep knowledge when it comes to older buildings and the systems used to heat them. A steam heating system consists of a boiler to heat steam, a network of pipes that distribute the steam, and radiators that heat various rooms. A gas or oil burner heats water to the boiling point and sends hot steam to radiators in the residence.

Modern boilers circulate water around the heat source through a series of passages or tubes. Boiler operation is regulated by a pressure gauge, regulator, pressure-relief valve, and low-water cutoff monitor. Most steam boilers include an automatic feed that supplies more water when it’s needed.

At VanDerBosch we regularly work on older buildings and maintain large steam boiler sys-tems. Regular maintenance will help keep repairs to a minimum. The system may produce no heat or poor heat, water may be chronically low, the glass gauge may be clouded, and pipes may be noisy.

Whether you need repair or help in replacing a boiler, VanDerBosch can help. Call 773.523.1967 for a free consultation or send a question or concern. We’ll get right back in touch with answers.

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