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Your garbage disposal might be one of those appliances you never really think about until it’s not working. If your garbage disposal is in need of repair, or you need garbage disposal installation, call VanDerBosch Plumbing today!

The garbage disposal is a handy piece of equipment that allows us to clean out the fridge quickly, sending our leftovers down the drain instead of to the garbage can. Most of the time, we don’t even worry about it. When it breaks down, though, you might wonder if it’s easy to replace or if you’ll need to contact a plumber for a new garbage disposal installation.

If you’re having issues with blocked drains or a clogged bathroom sink, call us so we can come out and take a look! In Cook County we’re your choice for drain cleaning services.

What Causes Your Garbage Disposal to Stop Working?

The first thing you should do when your disposal stops working is to make sure it’s still plugged in and turned on. Most of our disposals are operated by a light switch by the sink. Every now and then, that switch gets turned off. If it’s plugged in and turned on, make sure the fuse isn’t the issue. You can also check to see if your disposal has a reset button.

If your disposal is still giving you trouble, or if it turns on but makes a grinding or jammed noise, turn it back off. This most likely means something is stuck in the disposal. Don’t simply start fishing around trying to figure out what is stuck. This can be dangerous. Instead, turn off the disposal at the fuse box first. Then, figure out what is clogged and remove it.

At times, you might find that your disposal takes time to process the leftovers. In that case, your blades might be dull. Like with your other plumbing, the drain with your disposal may be slow. This may be because there is a clog further down the line. In either of these scenarios, call your plumber to have them assess your disposal.

What To Do if Your Garbage Disposal is Leaking

Sometimes garbage disposal seals will leak, in which case the fix is fairly simple. When a disposal leak occurs, an O-ring needs to be replaced, or other parts need to be tightened. Everything depends on the source of the leak. It may be necessary to do a more expensive and difficult leak repair if the leak originates from the sink flange or somewhere else. Having a plumber look at the unit will let you know what needs to be done.

Why Does My Garbage Disposal Smell?

Over time, sludge and processed food can get trapped in the blades, along the walls of the disposal, or in the pipes that lead away from it. It’s a good idea to put ice and lemon wedges at your disposal and grind them to help disinfect it and lessen the odor. You can also try lime wedges. If you don’t have either of those in your house, try a combination of baking soda and vinegar.

If, after attempting to resolve the issue, there is still an odor, you may need to contact a plumber to look at it and assess what the problem is.

If you’re in need of main water line repair or main water line replacement, don’t hesitate to call. Waiting can cause more damage to your property or home. Our team at VanDerBosch is waiting to hear from you!

Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

When your disposal is working at full capacity, it helps keep odors out of the kitchen by processing the leftovers and flushing them down the drain. It can also be a time saver when you’re loading the dishwasher or preparing to do the dishes. You simply scrape the food into the sink with the disposal and not worry about putting it in the trash can where it might leak. It’s a fairly simple machine, but it provides us with a great deal of efficiency.

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