At VanDerBosch we believe the only way to ensure your sewer has been properly cleaned is to conduct a live video feed of your pipes. Through our video, we not only determine the overall condition of your sewer, but can display your properly cleaned sewer, as well. Sewer cleaning can be done in several different ways. A sewer can be rodded with a machine that uses a metal cable and different attachments on the end for different kinds of pipes and obstructions.

You can also clean a sewer with high pressure water. The use of high pressure water is appropriate in several different applications, like the removal of roots as well as the break down of grease build up. Our sewer cleaning service includes: Cleaning, Rodding, and Video Inspection.Interested in learning more? Call 773.523.1967 to set up an appointment or send a question or comment in the form here. At VanDerBosch we work hard to get right back to you with answers.

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