"It’s not just the skills. The skills are important and VandDerBosch has them. But thing is, the plumbers are really nice too. And they put on those little booty things before they enter your home. It’s thoughtful!"

Renee A, Hyde Park

"Hugh and his team are amazing. They replaced the toilets, sinks and boiler in our 1930s-era building and several repairs and replacement of old copper pipes. I can honestly say there has never been anything they couldn’t handle."

Stacie O, Andersonville

"I’ve been calling on VanDerBosch since 1999 and I’ve never been disappointed. From the skills needed to complete the work, to being personable on the job, I’d recommend VanDerBosch in a minute."

Steven T, Roscoe Village

"Confidence. That’s what it comes down to. We live in an area of the city that floods. VanDerBosch has been there for us more than once to fix our sump pump and more."

Jason T, Ravenswood

"It’s great knowing that if I have a problem with the hot water heater, sinks, whatever… I can call Hugh and the guys and VanDerBosch. They can handle any problem I have."

Louise F, Lincoln Park

"I worked with VanDerBosch then tried two other companies and wasn’t satisfied. I ended up coming back to VanDerBosch and have used them ever since. I came back in 2006 by the way."

Ernie S, Lakeview

"I’ve known Hugh Hodur since 1995. And I know what kind of plumber he is and I know the team he’s built over the years. You can’t find a better plumbing company in Chicago, period."

Raymond T, Buena Park