Drain & Sewer Cleaning in Chicago, Illinois

Nothing is worse than a clogged bathroom sink or a blocked drain. These frustrations can stop you in your tracks and put your whole day off kilter. If you find they're happening more often, call VanDerBosch Plumbing Inc. today at (773) 523-1967to get to the middle of the issue and clear up more time for yourself.

On your list of household chores, do you have drain cleaning listed? If not, you’re not alone. Most people typically don’t even consider routine drain cleaning until something goes wrong, such as a clogged drain or an unpleasant-smell wafting through the house. With a little preventative maintenance, you could help yourself out.

There are some drain and sewing cleaning issues that are too big for the homeowner to deal with. That’s when the professionals come in. It’s important to have a reputable team on your side in the event you need them, but it’s also important to do your part. Continue reading to learn about drain cleaning is beneficial for you, your family, and your drains.

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Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Provides you with more efficient draining: Your drains will drain more quickly as a result of cleaning them, which is the first and frequently most obvious advantage. If your drain needs cleaning, you may see water gurgling or moving down the pipe slowly. In cases where your toilet is in question, cleaning regularly is beneficial to stop the possibility of backflow.

Improves drain life: Your drain pipes may corrode if chemical deposits accumulate inside of them over time. You can avoid such leaks entirely by having your pipes cleaned on a regular basis. This increases the lifespan of your current pipe, saving you the price and inconvenience of having to completely renovate your house in order to replace all of your existing drain pipes.

Prevent damage to your home: A clean water pipe leak is bad enough, but a leak in a drain full of sewage water can be considerably worse, as this water may contain toxic chemicals and bacteria. Unsanitary water can discolor floors and walls, which can be expensive to repair or replace. Sewer clean outs and clear drains prevent this damage.

Tips for Maintaining Your Drains

The best way to know how to clean your drains is to understand where the clog is and how bad it is. You might not have that knowledge on your own, so it may take some experimenting until you do.

You can opt for a drain cleaner from one of your big box stores, but using this option over time can actually cause more damage than good. These products also don’t do the best job of cleaning your drains as they might not be able to sufficiently “scrub” the sides of the pipes.

If you’re looking for a more natural method of cleaning, try this. You can clean drain pipes using vinegar and other materials for a less abrasive process. This efficiently gets rid of odors brought on by bacteria. You can eliminate sludge to avoid a clog in the future by adding hot water and a ratio of baking soda to vinegar to clean drains.

Add half a cup of vinegar and half a cup of baking soda to the drain. In the meantime, cover or plug the clogged drain and let the solution sit for 15 minutes. Pour the boiling water down the drain when 15 minutes have passed. Cleaning your drain pipes with vinegar and baking soda may also get rid of stains and mineral deposits.

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Calling in Professional Help

Sometimes a clean kitchen or bathroom drain requires more assistance than just a vinegar solution. In this situation, employing tools would be the best way to clear the drains. Using conveniently accessible tools like a plunger or a drain snake, many clogs or instances of drain buildup can be removed from a pipe. Given how they are made to work, drain snakes can be particularly effective in clearing excess accumulation off the sides of your pipe.

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