Boiler Repair, Installation & Replacement Services in the Chicago Metro Area

When you need a  boiler repair in Chicago call VanDerBosch Plumbing Inc.! We have experience handling the unique needs of vintage steam heating systems for repairs and replacements. We also work in vintage 20s buildings doing radiant work and steam traps. If this is a need you have, contact us today to get a free quote!

If you have an older home, it may be equipped with a vintage steam heating system. These systems are very durable and can last for many years with proper care. However, boiler repair or replacement may be necessary from time to time. Vintage steam heating systems require special boiler repair services due to their age and unique design. In addition, replacement parts for these systems can be difficult to find. As a result, it is important to find a qualified contractor who has experience with vintage steam heating system repairs and replacements. With the right team of experts, you can keep your vintage steam heating system in top condition for many years to come.

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What To Expect During A Boiler Installation

Many people are intimidated by the thought of boiler installation. After all, boilers are responsible for providing heat and hot water to your home, so it’s important to choose the right model and have it installed correctly. However, there’s no need to worry – with a little research and preparation, the process can be surprisingly straightforward. Here’s what you can expect during your boiler installation.

First, your boiler will be delivered to your home and placed in the boiler room. The boiler room is usually located in the basement, but it can also be in an out-of-the-way closet or utility room. Once the boiler is in place, the boiler technician will connect it to the gas line and electricity supply. Then, they will test the boiler to ensure that it is working properly.

Next, the technician will install the boiler controls. These controls allow you to regulate the temperature of your boiler and set a schedule for when it should turn on and off. In most cases, the controls will be mounted on the wall near the boiler. Finally, the technician will show you how to operate the boiler and included controls. Once everything is up and running, you’ll be able to enjoy reliable heat and hot water for years to come.

How We Conduct Radiant Work and Use Steam Traps

Boiler repair and installation companies use radiant work and steam traps when they are performing boiler maintenance. Radiant work is the process of boiler repair and installation whereby the boiler is cleaned using a powerful cleaning agent. The boiler is then rinsed with clean water and left to dry. This usually takes a few hours. After the boiler has dried, the company will install new boiler parts, if necessary. Finally, the company will test the boiler to make sure that it is working correctly. If there are any problems, the company will fix them before delivering the boiler to the customer. Steam traps are used to prevent boiler explosions. They are placed inside the boiler and release steam when the pressure inside the boiler gets too high. This prevents boiler explosions and protects people from being injured by flying debris.

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Benefits of Hiring a Residential Plumbing Company

When something goes wrong with your boiler, it can be a major inconvenience. Not only will you have to deal with the cost of repairs, but you’ll also have to go without heat and hot water until the problem is fixed. That’s why it’s always a good idea to hire a boiler service company as soon as you notice any problems. Boiler service companies have the experience and expertise to quickly diagnose and fix any boiler issue, and they’ll also be able to offer advice on how to prevent future problems. In addition, most boiler service companies offer boiler servicing packages that can help to keep your boiler running smoothly all year round. So if you want to avoid the hassle and expense of boiler repairs, make sure you hire a boiler service company as soon as you notice any problems.

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