Trenchless Sewer Line Repair & Replacement in Chicago, Illinois

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Sewer line issues can cause stress, but putting off the repairs may create more damage. No one wants to have their yard dug up, but you might have another option. Trenchless sewer line repair provides an alternative solution that is minimally invasive to your property. Whether or not it’s an option for you can be determined by your plumbers.

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What Is Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

Trenchless sewer line repair is a way to fix sewer pipes without having to dig up and remove a lot of the flooring, foundation, and walls first to expose the pipes in the building. Instead of costly, disruptive trench digging followed by conventional pipe repair and subsequent restoration of damaged surfaces, trenchless pipe repair physically fixes an existing pipe by employing the failed or deteriorating pipe as a host (floors, walls, foundation, cabinetry, etc.).

By definition, “trenchless” merely refers to the absence of trenches. Imagine cutting a long, deep path right through the base of the structure you are standing in. Despite being commonly employed throughout the twentieth century and into the present, this traditional pipe repair technique has the potential to compromise the structural integrity of your building’s slab. Once the plumbing work is finished, it also necessitates considerable follow-up repairs to the building. Trenchless technology has made this danger and additional price unnecessary.

What Happens During Trenchless Sewer Line Repair?

A high-tech, flexible, epoxy-saturated tube is inserted directly into your existing drainage pipes after your sewer lines have had a comprehensive inspection and have been hydro jetted or manually cleaned. Essentially this allows for a new pipe to be created inside the old pipe while the epoxy dries to produce a new structural line.

It would make little difference if the old pipes had degeneration from age, scaling, root infiltration, cracks, holes, or channeling. Trenchless pipe repair is typically effective if a sizable piece of the original pipe is still in place.

The tube is initially flexible, allowing it to maneuver around the majority of regular bends, plumbing connections, and even variations in diameter. The liner is completely sealed and solid once it has hardened, shutting out all previous problems and creating a brand-new, structural surface.

The new pipe, or liner, has a 50-year expected lifespan! The surface of the epoxy liner is smoother than that of many earlier materials, which might help improve usability and flow capacity.

Branchlines are reopened after the new pipe lining has been placed using sophisticated robotic equipment that is guided through the pipes. This machine is operated remotely by a robotics professional, and features live cameras that allow the operator to see within the sewer lines. The reinstatement openings demonstrate that the complete drainage system has been repaired and is operating at peak efficiency.

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Is Trenchless Sewer Repair Cost-Effective?

On paper, standard repair methods for sewer pipes cost a little less than trenchless methods. But, the numbers you initially received for traditional pipe repair don’t always consider the cost of removing the old pipe or repairing your landscaping once it’s all said and done. Additionally, there can be additional fees for moving any big, heavy objects that are over the sewer lines both before and after the repair is finished.

Because trenchless technologies are so minimally invasive, they can avoid these expenses. Because sidewalks and landscaping don’t need to be torn up, these repairs can be finished in a single day with minimal impact on you or your property.

Overall, trenchless solutions are, therefore, typically a quicker, more affordable choice for the majority of residential and commercial pipe repair tasks. Additionally, trenchless repairs might offer long-lasting peace of mind due to their lifespan.

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