Main Water Line Installation & Repair in the Chicago Metropolitan Area

Your main water line is crucial to proper plumbing function in your home. If you’re in need of main water line repair or water main installation in the Chicago Metropolitan area, our team is ready to help. Contact us today to take the stress out of your main water line needs.

Whether you’re building a new home and need water main installation or you need main water line repair, the process requires a team experienced in water main issues. Since the main water line is a vital part of your home, it’s important it is in good working order. There are signs to watch for when you need to repair your line. Knowing these signs can keep you on top of what you might need.

Water line leaks can wreak havoc on your home. The sooner you contact a water leak detection company to assess your needs, the better. Our team at VanDerBosch can help you with water line leaks, plumbing leak repair, and more. We offer 17 years of experience serving the Chicago Metropolitan area.

Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Main Water Line

Your main water line might become worn down over time due to a number of variables, including time, use, and weather conditions. Nobody wants to deal with the stress of broken plumbing, but it can happen, and knowing when to repair your main water line is essential.

  • Clogged plumbing is a common result of a damaged sewage line, indicating a clog in the main sewer line.
  • A drop in water pressure might mean a broken main sewer line.
  • Broken or leaking water lines can let dirt and debris into your drinking water.
  • Discoloration, odd odors, or a gritty texture indicate polluted water.
  • A broken sewer line might cause high utility costs.

Should Your Water Line be Replaced or Repaired?

Older homes built before 1960 may include lead or galvanized water lines, which are outlawed in many areas. Lead poses long-term health hazards, and galvanized pipe corrodes with time.

If the pipe has been repaired before, further repairs may fix the present issue but make it more likely to fail again. This frequent maintenance will quickly cost more than replacing the line. Consider the pipe’s age. Many materials grow brittle and fail with age.

Repairing a water pipe isn’t always easy. First, plumbers must find the leak, which can be time-consuming if the residence is distant from the municipal line. This requires excavating. After finding the break, it may be hard to fix. After all that, it may be cheaper to replace the complete line.

Trenchless technology provides a cost-effective alternative to repair and replacement. Experienced plumbers can restore water lines using the same pipe-lining procedures used to rehabilitate sewer systems with epoxy-based glue. In many circumstances, trenchless technology can be used to repair older pipes.

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What to do if You Have a Main Water Line Break in Chicago, Illinois?

Make sure to check your home for water. Start in the basement, or check the crawl space. Wet carpeting and damp walls are good indicators that water has seeped in. If you have damage or if you see water, you will need to remove it and possibly call in a repair team.

After removing the water, you can employ the use of heavy-duty fans and humidifiers. Using regular fans will help, but it will take longer. There are companies that can help you with industrial strength machinery. Once the damage is removed, you will need to disinfect and repair the damage. These things can cost time and money, but it is necessary.

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