Sump Pump Repair, Installation & Replacement Services in Chicago, Illinois

Issues with your sump pump can be costly, especially when the issues cause damage to your home. To ensure your sump pump is working properly, contact VanDerBosch Plumbing. In the Chicago, IL area, we’re your one-stop plumbing shop.

A sump pump’s sole purpose is to relieve water from the foundation of your home. If your sump pump malfunctions, your basement can flood, causing costly water damage. It doesn’t take much water to create significant issues. A little bit of standing water on the floor of your basement can cause major damage, not to mention possible mold.

You don’t need to wait until your basement is wet to take care of your sump pump issues. It is beneficial to comprehend typical sump pump issues so that you can choose a sump pump that’s right for your home.

You want the best for your family, and that includes the water that goes into your home. To ensure safe and clean water, consider investing in a whole home water filtration system. VanDerBosch Plumbing in the Chicago Metro area can meet with you to assess your needs and get started right away. Contact us today!

Common Sump Pump Problems

If your sump pump is overloaded, your basement may flood. This can happen if the sump pump is too small. It won’t be able to manage large amounts of water and will eventually give out. There are situations in which you need a larger sump pump, or if that’s not an option, you may need more than one. Consulting your plumbing can help determine what options are best for you.

A defective float switch or a pump that is being overworked and underpowered might also cause a sump pump to burn out. Sump pump failure is common with inexpensive pumps, especially when you have excessively rainy weather. It is important to consider all possibilities of weather to ensure you have the sump pump that will get you through it all. Of course, there will be scenarios when the unthinkable still happens.

Another issue that might occur is when a pump becomes unresponsive. A tripped circuit breaker, an unplugged pump, or a power outage could all be to blame. Regardless of the cause, a typical sump pump needs the power to operate.

The pump isn’t able to remove water from the sump pit or sump liner when the intake becomes clogged. Water from your sump pump is sent to the outside of your house through the discharge pipe. Things like dirt, boulders, tree roots, and other debris can clog the pipe. In addition, any water in the discharge pipe has the potential to freeze and clog the system.

Homeowner Sump Pump Maintenance

Taking the above problems into consideration, there are a few things you can do to maintain your sump pump on your own prior to calling for assistance.

Examine the float: As the pump starts to draw water out of the sump pit when the float rises along with the water level in the pit. Pour a little water into the pit slowly to check the float. You’re in luck if the float rises with the water and the pump turns on before turning off once the water has been drained. Every few months, repeat this test.

Clean the sump pit: Problems with the float are frequently caused by debris in the sump pit. Cleaning up the pit should be a frequent aspect of sump pump repair and maintenance, even if your pump is performing as it should.

Examine the check valve: You probably need to repair the check valve if you pour water into the sump pit and it simply returns to the pit rather than activating the pump and draining the water.

Spruce up the Impeller: The impeller of a sump pump can occasionally become jammed if debris manages to get past the screen. First, unplug the pump, next detach it from the pipework, and lastly, take the pump out of the pit to see if this is the issue. The screen and impeller can be accessed by disassembling the pump. Reassemble the pump after clearing it of any debris.

Make sure the electrical connection is in good working condition: Check the electrical connections if the sump pump appears to be completely inoperative. Verify that the pump is correctly connected and inspect the circuit breaker. If your pump is linked to a ground fault circuit interrupter, pay close attention to it because they frequently trip.

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When Should You Call a Professional for Sump Pump Repair?

Your sump pump should last you between 7-10 years on average. If you’ve noticed that your pump continuously turns on and off or it runs nonstop, you may need professional sump pump maintenance. The same is true if you notice that it’s not turning on when it should be or making strange noises. A specialist can come to the house and assess what is going on and if your pump can be repaired or if you need a new one.

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